Friday, September 26, 2014

Homecoming Season with Pete the Cat

This week we were working on cause and effect with our favorite cat. Once firsties finished writing the cause and effects in the Pete the Cat book they made their own Petes.  Of course one of them had dressed Pete up and when I asked what it was she said he was wearing his Homecoming outfit. LOL! Love it!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to School Night Pics

So, I hope I don't bore you with these pictures. We had back to school night last night and as usual I was nervous. Not sure why since it's my 25 year teaching and I could probably do it in my sleep. I guess when you are used to little bodies staring up at you and now it's big bodies that's a different story. Needless to say I survived.
This pictures is from the back of the room. I only have 16, soon to be 17 students this year. The lowest I have ever had. As you can tell I don't have a smartboard YET. By the end of the month one will be installed in my room and I can't wait. I just have to decide where to put it, front or back of the room. I would hate to loose all my white board space but I would also hate to loose all my bulletin board space in the back of the room. Any suggestions?

Another pictures from the back of the room facing the door. Ignore all the junk on top along the wall. That is the only storage we have besides one small closet. 

Looking toward the back of the room from the door.

My favorite space in the room. I tried to model my library after Maria Manore's library over at Kinder-Kraze.  I just love her room, you need to check her blog out. She has so many amazing things going on.

Here is my guided reading table. I made the crate seats several years ago and just change out the coverings every summer. They are perfect for the room.

Don't you just love this. I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to have it. So I went straight to TPT and purchased it. It was made by Fredia Shumway over at Frogs in First blog. Love it!!


Lovin' my new easel. I always had a much smaller one that wouldn't even hold our big books from our reading series. So this year I thought I would just try asking for one and low and behold I got it. As a matter of fact our school ordered several of them and everyone who received it were thrilled.

First grade selfies were so cute. I found these from Jane Feener on TPT.
Well, that's  first grade in a nutshell. I have seen so many awesome rooms out there I am amazed. Keep up all the hard work, it's well worth it!!