Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs!!

As you can see our eggs have arrived. I picked them up yesterday and much to my surprise they were colorful!! Every year the eggs I get are always white with maybe one brown egg. This year we have a variety of brown eggs and white. My firsties will be thrilled to see these. This week we are on spring break so needless to say the eggs are at my house. Since we have to turn them 3 times a day I didn't want to go into school all week. Therefore, they are all set up and comfy in my family room. As much as I can't wait to show the kids the eggs I really don't want spring break to end. We are having wonderful weather and I have a ton to do at home, like paint my son's bedroom and clean the basement so my son and daughter can bring more stuff home from college. Yuck!! On to more chores around the house. Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Plants, Anchor Charts, and a Selfie!!

So we've been crazy busy with our planting unit. Here are just two of the activities we did last week. I saw this sure fire way of growing plants in a baggie without soil. Every year we do this activity and every year they don't seem to do well and we end  up with mold in the bags and no plants. Well, this year was successful. I found this little trick on KFundamentals blog and it really did work. We were amazed how easy it was and my firsties LOVED it!! Today they took their bags home to replant the seeds. 

We also worked on the life cycle of a seed. After reading several books and making a class anchor chart my firsties made their own plant life cycles. They did a great job and I really believe they understood it. We planted three kinds of seeds and estimated which ones would sprout the soonest. They loved this idea (from Cara Carroll at first grade parade) and that was the first thing they all checked every morning after they arrived. This is our last week (Thank God) before a much needed spring break so we are finishing up the plant unit and getting ready for our baby chicks. If you think the firsties loved the plant unit they are out of their skin waiting for the eggs to get here and the baby chicks to arrive. If you have never done this unit you really should try it. It has been a favorite of all my classes and to be honest with you, mine too. My firsties just love watching them hatch, we barely get any work done during hatching days.
Here are a few anchor charts our amazing kindergarten teacher created with her kiddies. I just love them I had to blog about them. She said that many of her anchor charts are actual projects she sees on Pinterest and instead of making the project she turns it into a chart. Love it!!

One last pic. It was family weekend last weekend at my son and daughter's college so we went down for the day. It was a beautiful day, in the high 70's and nothing but sun. I was soaking it all up since we had such a brutal winter. By the way, after having a week of 60 degree days now it is snowing again!! Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!!!

Like I said, this is our last week before spring break and it couldn't come soon enough. I feel like we are the last school to have our break. The only good thing about a late break is that when we come back there will only be five and a half weeks left of school (but I'm not counting). So, have a great week and a wonderful Easter!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

SPRING Has Finally Sprung!!

YIPPEE! Spring is here! However, it doesn't quite feel like it. We are still having some pretty cold weather but at least it's not that 4 letter word - snow.  Here is our first of many spring projects. It worked out perfect. I had a really cute kite for them to make when this kite just came to me as we were learning about drawing and measuring line segments. The kiddies really loved using the ruler and measuring items throughout the room when it dawned on me that they should draw their line segments on the kites and then fill them in, They turned out really cute and were much easier to do than what I had planned.
I found these awesome eggs on Pinterest one night and then when I went back to them I just can't seem to find where I saw them at. Sorry!! This was one of the easiest Easter eggs we've made. All the kiddies did was use blue painters tape to mark the lines, color it in with sidewalk chalk dipped in water, and let it dry. Once dried I pulled off the painters tape and this is what they turn out to be. So cute and colorful!! I have a bunch of them hanging in the hallway and have had so many compliments on them. If you are looking for an easy egg to make this is it.

So, here are two more projects we completed this week. Since we are a catholic school we can make these crosses. I gave each of my students a cross pattern and had them color the edges of their cross with oil pastel crayons ( $4.99 for a pack of 24 at Michaels). They then placed the crosses on another sheet of white paper and rubbed the crayons off the cross onto the new sheet. It was very simple to do and they turned out awesome.
Now on to our plant unit and a ton of fun planting.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Continents and STEM day!

We've been working on our mapping unit these days. It's always a favorite of my classes. I found this project on Pinterest from the Literacyminute blog
 and knew we had to do it. At first I wasn't sure how my firsties would do cutting out the continents so I blew up my copy and they did a great job. Much better than I expected. We also learned the song The Continent Song by Teachertipster on YouTube. It was such a catchy tune my class was singing it all day and all the way down the hall to the lunch room. They were so cute about it and now they can all name the seven continents.
So have any of your schools been conducting STEM activities? This was the first time our school did it. The kindergarten, first, and second grade classes rotated rooms every 30 minutes and we each had a different activity going on. I found some awesome activities on Pinterest (of course). This is the one we did in my room. How tall of a structure can you build using these tiny cups? (shot glasses but they didn't need to know that) It was perfect for the first time doing this and because we were switching classes all morning. The kids loved it. Some wanted to take the cups home so they could keep building. It was fun and by the end of the day we were all exhausted. TGIF!! 

So now on to St. Patrick's Day weekend. As the weather goes here in Chi town Sunday is predicted to be a high of 28 degrees. Perfect for all the parades, huh?! Today was a high of 55 but 2 days ago we woke up to this...
Yuck!! Enough!!
For those who can't fathom all this snow, remember it all has to go somewhere. So needless to say it's melting and sloppy and messy everywhere. Once again, YUCK!!  I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this is the end of it until next winter. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top o' the Mornin'

St. Patrick's Day is a HUGE deal around here on the southside of Chicago. It feels like the celebrations start on March 1st and runs through March 31st. It's never ending. Here is one of my favorite writing activities we do every year. The kids write about their lucky day.

This is a new one we did this year. The kids wrote about what they would do if they found a pot of gold. I love their answers - buy a castle or spend all the money in Disney World. This project is from Molly over at Lucky to be in First. She has a ton of awesome projects on her TPT sight. 

We've also been working on Dr. Seuss projects this week too. My firsties can't get enough of his stories. We went ahead and made these cute cupcakes for him and we listed our favorite Dr. Seuss books on the hats. They turned out really cute. I found these cute cupcakes from Linda Kamp on TPT. Check her out.

And finally, this boards sums it up in a nutshell. My favorite second grade teacher came up with this board for our hallway. It's adorable and sooooo true.  
So, the weekend is just around the corner and hopefully so is a little warmer weather so our lovelies can get outside to burn off all their cooped up energy!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Here We Go Again!! and Valentine's Day

Well, Chicago is once again in the middle of a snowstorm. We had 5-6 inches of snow in the matter of 3 hours this afternoon. It was coming down so hard it was hard to see past your own house. It was pretty though. On the other hand, ENOUGH ALREADY!!  At least we had off today for President's Day. It was nice to get caught up and plan for the next fun units. 

 On Valentine's day we did an estimation activity. The children each brought in a container of items and only they knew how many were in their container. They then walked around the room and estimated how many were in each one. They were so cute about it. After they were done we went through each container to find out how many were really in them. The kids had a blast! It was a great lesson in estimation. I found this activity over at Foxwell Forest, thanks Becca!!

Here are our Valentine treat bags we made. They were the hit of the parking lot at the end of the day. The parents really like them. However, after the firsties passed out their treat and cards the bags were stuffed. Not sure about you but all I remember bringing on Valentines day as a kid was just the Valentine cards and no special treats (unless that is because I am the 9th out of 11 kids and my mom didn't bother or have the time to make the fancy treats). Either way, the day was fun and the kiddies had a great Valentine's Day .


Thursday, February 13, 2014


I just love how this cute board turned out. Thanks, Kacey over at Doodlebug Teaching.

We've been trying to squeeze in presidents and Valentine's activities. Since we had so many days off of school because of the cold we are soooo behind. I feel like I am rushing to get everything done. I love doing the president unit every year but this year it will have to be cut short.
I had to share this with you. This is our spelling test we took last week. At the bottom of the paper the kids have to write a sentence using one or more spelling word in the sentence. This sentence was written by one of my most favorite little firsties. She is adorable and so is her sentence. Most of the kids write the shortest, easiest sentence they can get away with. Not this one. I love it!!
Well, have a Happy Valentine Day, that is if you are not off due to another snow day. I have one last note about this winter weather and snow day.  ENOUGH WITH THE SNOW AND COLD, BRING ON SPRING!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chiberia! The New Chicago Nickname

Yep, you are seeing that right. When I woke up this morning that was our temperature. Unbelievable! Once again, no school. This has been the strangest school year. First we start out with 100 degree temps and by the way we don't have air conditioning. Now we have the opposite. No school yesterday or today. I feel like we will never reach the 100th day. We had open house on Sunday and I forgot to take pics so as soon (if ever) as we get back in the building  I'll take pics and send them your way. So STAY WARM!!