Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Class Library

Last summer myself and a few other wonderful teachers in our school organized our classroom libraries. I sorted my library books according to genres. These pictures don't look like much but this is only some of the bookshelves. I have alot more shelves of books and bins. Now, this summer I would like to go in and sort them according to reading levels. I have my summer project cut out for me. Anyway, did anyone watch the royal wedding? I did and we even put it on in the classroom and the kids really got a kick out of  it. Now all the little girls want to be princesses. Their journal topic for the day was "What do you have to do in order to be a king or queen?" I loved their answers. They were, you have to have a lot of gold, you have to own a crown, you have to marry a handsome prince, you have to live in a castle with a moat. They are so innocent at this age and that's why I teach the little ones.  Thanks for stopping by.

Great Target Finds

Aren't these cute? I found them today at Target and they were only $1.00. What a deal! I know the kids will love them. They can use them when they are reading the room. I just love Target dollar bins.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Baskets

So, here are the Easter baskets we made out of egg cartons. The pictures don't do them justice. When you see them in person they are so cute. The cardboard cartons work better than the styrofoam ones because they bend easier. I put them together and the kids glued the tissue in them. We are off school today and Monday and back on Tuesday for 5 weeks and then we are done. The kids are ready for summer break as much as I am. Anyway, have a great Easter and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Chick" This Out!

Aren't these adorable! Our wonderful preschool teacher did these projects with her 4 year olds and they turned out wonderful. I just had to post it. I'm not sure which blog she saw them on. After our chicks hatched in our room we went ahead and made the same chicks hatching (their's turned out better). Anyway, thanks for stopping by.
Be sure to stop by in the next day or so. I will post a pic of the easter baskets we made out of egg cartons.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

When I Plant This Seed...

Did you ever read the story by Keven Henkes, My Garden? Well, if you haven't it's a must. The kids really like it and the pictures are beautiful. Anyway, after we read the book the kids write about what they hope their seeds grow into. Some of the answers are a riot. Here are a few from my class. My favorite one is the little girl  who wants hers to grow into a donut bush. Wouldn't we all like that?!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Plant Unit

Along with the chicks we have been doing a short unit on plants. Here are some of my favorite activities I do with the kids. I put different seeds in the cupcake tins and the children have to guess what will grow from each seed. They have fun with this one

The project is a good one for learning the parts of a plant. After reading and discussing the parts we put this flower together. I used a coffee filter for the flower and twine for the roots. After they put it together they had to label each part. The kids really get the idea with this one. I have more to come over the next few posts. Thanks for stopping by.

More Chick Pics

What a week we had with out new babies. The could hardly controll themselves. But, like all things, this too must come to an end. We sent the chicks to a farm in southern Illinois. The farmer is going to send us pictures of his farm and hen house so the kids can see where they are living. They really get attached to these little guys. I let them take the chicks out and play with them. It was so cute when they put the kleenex under them for easy clean up. They thought that was the funniest thing. Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed this project. I hope anyone else out there in blog world who are also doing the chicks have a great experience.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chicks Have Arrived!

We are soooo excited! The chicks hatched Monday and Tuesday. We had 12 eggs and as of today 11 of them hatched. The last one had a crack in it at the end of the day. So hopefully when we get to school tomorrow it will be out. This is the first year (in many) that we had such a great hatch. It's hard to keep the kids attention, as you can imagine. If you haven't done this before with your class and have the opportunity to do it it's a must. We end the unit with a fieldtrip to a farm. It's a great way to end the year. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bald Eagle Live Webcam

If you want to see something awesome check this out,  Then click on bald eagle. This is a live webcam of a bald eagle in her nest taking care of her babies. There are 2 eaglettes and one more egg to hatch. The mother sits on them and the father brings back the food. You can see a dead rat in the nest, yuck. You can watch the eagles feeding the babies. Many of our classrooms have it on in the rooms for the kids to see. They are really enthralled by it. Check it out.