Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snow, Maps, and Red Solo Cups!

I know, I haven't been around lately. Well, as some of you may know I am in the middle of getting my masters and besides my own classroom we are in the middle of afterschool tutoring sessions. Not to mention report cards, open house, two teenagers, and a very sick father in law. Oh, and our school is up for evaluation by in February.  So needless to say, I don't seem to have a minute to breathe these days. Here are a few pictures from my classroom since we came back from break. I know these ideas are not mine, I got them all from wonderful teacher blogs. I want to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to all the wonderful teachers out there who share their classrooms and ideas. I love them all.

What a great book, It's Okay to be Different by Todd Park. I used this book for our MLK lesson and the kids really "got it". They each drew their pictures on Kidpix, I printed them and they had to color them in. We had fun with this lesson.

Our reading unit theme these day is mapping. I found this cute idea on Pinterest. The kids did a great job and the parents really like it too. I shortened it a little to fit our schedule and their understanding. You'll love their drawings of themselves. They are a riot. One last picture for now. Have you ever heard the song Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith? If you haven't you must. It is soooo funny (and true).  

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