Saturday, January 26, 2013

An Awesome "Must" Read

Last week I attended a workshop on the top 100 children's books. Well, this was the number 1 book the presenter said is a must read. The story is about a little boy who was born with facial deformaties. He has been homeschooled until 5th grade. Many of the children are not very nice to him except for a few kids. Anyway, when it was time for the principal to hand out awards at the end of the school year, this boy and his friends receive special awards for choosing to be kind. It's an unbelievable story about bullies and kindness. I read it in two nights and now our 6th grade teacher is reading it to her class. If you go to the author's website you will find alot of great info on the story. Your class can also sign a pledge on line to Choose Kind and receive certificates with it. If I taught the middle to upper grades this is the book I would be reading to them. Check it out if you have a chance. 
Now on to Catholic Schools Week. Tomorrow is the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. We have a ton of fun activities planned for the kiddies. They are so excited. We start off with open house tomorrow, so I'm going in early to take pics of all the wonderful projects the kiddies have been working on. Pics will be posted soon.  
We also have a huge celebration coming up this Friday. It's the 100th day of school. Our kiddies will be coming to school dressed like they are 100 years old. It's a riot. Our class and kindergarten will parade around the school so everyone gets to see the old people who are in school. The older grades love to see the kids. As soon as we celebrate and take pics I will post those too.
Now, on to blogging and pinterest. Thanks for stopping by!

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