Friday, September 20, 2013

Rounding out the Week!

We finished up our unit on apples and we are ready to move on to animal habitats. The kiddies loved painting the seasons of the apple tree and I think they turned out pretty good. It really helps when you go one step or one color at a time. After we did some apple investigating, (apples  taste, smell, sound, and look like with their real apples) and graphing they made the apple project below. Now I love to eat apples and have nothing against apples (that sounds funny) but I think next year we will pick a different unit. I've been doing apples units for many, many years and I'm burnt out with them. So if anyone has any suggestions of what I can replace this unit with I would love to hear it.

Now on to a long scrapbook weekend with my besties. We just love scrapping and any chance we get we're there. After last weekend and the burnt up car situation I think I need a weekend to not think about anything. So, have a great weekend everyone!!


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