Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksginving!

Well, turkey day is finally here! Here are two more activities we did the last week or so. They got a big kick out of the Run, Turkey, Run! project. They came up with some really cute verbs for the turkey. Last week our reading test included a graphic organizer about main idea and details and I told them to put Thanksgiving in the main idea part. Then all they had to do was come up with 3 details about Thanksgiving. They could tell me whatever they knew or whatever they do on Thanksgiving. Well, one little lovely wrote as a detail "Run, turkey, run!"  We were laughing so hard at that answer when I started to correct them. He was right, the poor turkeys.

Monday we went on a fieldtrip to see the production of Pinocchio. The kiddies were so well behaved and we love the play. What a nice way to spend the holiday week. After we returned (and had lunch) I read The Great Turkey Escape to them and we went on to complete this adorable turkey activity(purchased from Foxwell Forest) Some of their answers were too funny. I loved the one that said to eat grilled cheese instead of turkey. These little lovelies have great imaginations.

We finished our short week with a half day of school on Tuesday and parent conferences the rest of the day. I know it's a long day but we get all the conferences done in one day and on to a long weekend. I don't know about any of you but I think is sure feels more like Christmas break than Thanksgiving break. I'm glad it's not though.
Have a great Thanksgiving, eat plenty of turkey and fixins', and get plenty of rest for the next busy month coming up.

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