Thursday, February 13, 2014


I just love how this cute board turned out. Thanks, Kacey over at Doodlebug Teaching.

We've been trying to squeeze in presidents and Valentine's activities. Since we had so many days off of school because of the cold we are soooo behind. I feel like I am rushing to get everything done. I love doing the president unit every year but this year it will have to be cut short.
I had to share this with you. This is our spelling test we took last week. At the bottom of the paper the kids have to write a sentence using one or more spelling word in the sentence. This sentence was written by one of my most favorite little firsties. She is adorable and so is her sentence. Most of the kids write the shortest, easiest sentence they can get away with. Not this one. I love it!!
Well, have a Happy Valentine Day, that is if you are not off due to another snow day. I have one last note about this winter weather and snow day.  ENOUGH WITH THE SNOW AND COLD, BRING ON SPRING!!

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