Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bulletin Boards


When I saw this adorable bus bulletin board I knew I had to have my firsties do it. It's just so cute. I had all the pieces ready for the kids to put together. When we were just about done with it and ready to hang up one of my lovelies said, "Hey, where is the window? All buses have windows" Low and behold I completely forgot to give them the window piece and by now there was no room for it. Oh well, it turned out cute anyway. As a matter of fact our second grade class purchased it also and they did put the windows on their buses.  I found this over at  Firstgradeblueskies if you are interested in making it too.
This is one of the cutest back to school boards I have seen in a long time. Our wonderful second grade teacher has this outside her classroom.

Since our back to school theme is to be kind I decided to start the year off with a Kindness unit. I saw this poster on Pinterest . As we go along and make a few kindness projects I will staple them up on this board and fill it in.

So of course the heat is on here in Chicago. We have not had many warm days this summer and of course here it is now. Monday was in the high 90's and our classrooms were also in the 90's so we had to do the next best thing and spend the day in the air conditioned church. It's really interesting trying to teach in the pews of the church especially when many other classes are in there. Now every morning as my firsties say their prayer intentions there is always one of them who prays for winter to get here. I just pray for 60 degree weather (we all know how brutal Chicago winters can get). More pics to come soon.  Stay cool!!

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