Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's Been A While

Some of my favorite "old" people!  I just love when we celebrate the 100th day and the kids come dressed like they are 100 years old. They look so real. Their favorite part of the day is when we parade through all the classrooms. My firsties love it and so does the rest of the school. This year my favorite was the oxygen tubing attached to one of my lovely boys. It was a riot. Last year's favorite was the life alert button.

We've also been busy with Valentine's Day activities. The kids all brought in little containers of goodies and they walked around the room estimating how much was in each container. Their favorite part was finding out the real answer compared to their guess. We also did our Valentine used book exchange. I've been doing this for at least the last 4 years and the kids always seem to like it. They really feel they just got a new book. I love this activity. And lastly, they passed out all their cards and treats into the Clifford treat bags we made. It was also a gym day so needless to say my firsties had a great Valentine's day.

Sunday, January 25th was open house. Here are a few pics of our room ready for visitors.

These treat bags always turn out super cute!

 The past week we have also been learning about the presidents, as is everyone else. I just love when they write about what they would keep in their tall hats like Abe Lincoln did. This year my favorite was his ice so he could keep all his drinks cold. Too funny!

Now on to more presidents and then my favorite, St. Patrick's Day. So stay warm (it's -11 here in Chi town again)!!

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