Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Class Library

Last summer myself and a few other wonderful teachers in our school organized our classroom libraries. I sorted my library books according to genres. These pictures don't look like much but this is only some of the bookshelves. I have alot more shelves of books and bins. Now, this summer I would like to go in and sort them according to reading levels. I have my summer project cut out for me. Anyway, did anyone watch the royal wedding? I did and we even put it on in the classroom and the kids really got a kick out of  it. Now all the little girls want to be princesses. Their journal topic for the day was "What do you have to do in order to be a king or queen?" I loved their answers. They were, you have to have a lot of gold, you have to own a crown, you have to marry a handsome prince, you have to live in a castle with a moat. They are so innocent at this age and that's why I teach the little ones.  Thanks for stopping by.

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