Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pet Peeves

Alisha over at the Bubbly Blonde is hosting a linky party about our pet peeves of teaching ( why, I can't imagine having any pet peeves with these little darlings!) I have read about some real good ones and most of them fit into my own pet peeve catagory but here are a few more of my own. Enjoy!
1. When I ask a question, their hands go up, I call on someone and then they have to start thinking for the answer and then we are waiting for them to come up with an answer. This drives me crazy. They don't get it that they have to have an answer and then raise their hands.
2. When we take a washroom break together. They want to run down the hall like they can't hold it anymore, insead they immediately line up to come back to the room. They want to be the first one in line to come back. Then  once we are back in the classroom it never fails, within five minutes those are the same kids who need to use the washroom.
3. Slamming the lockers is another pet peeve. When I ask the locker helpers to make sure all the lockers are closed out in the hallway I can hear them slamming each and every one. It drives me nuts!
4. And, among others, pencil sharpening. When I am teaching a lesson to the whole class or reading them a story one of the little darlings decides to get up and sharpen their pencil.

I 'm sure there are  many other pet peeves (like ridiculous announcements over the speaker in the middle of a lesson) just give me a few weeks with the kiddies and I'll remember them. Be sure to hop over to the Bubbly Blondeand check out the other wonderful teachers' pet peeves.


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