Friday, March 23, 2012


We like to hang out our dirty laundry! Not really. I saw this cool idea on Pinterest. We planted seeds in the fingers of the rubber gloves. First we soaked a cotton ball in water, put it in the fingers of the gloves and added seeds to it. After 3 days we already have sprouts. The kids are so excited to see their seeds sprouting. Last year we put bean seeds in a wet papertowel in a baggie and hung them in the windows. Bad idea! They either turned into mush or dried out too fast. This year it's working out much better. You should try it out. 

This is a favorite of all the kids. I put seeds in the cupcake tin and the kids have to guess what will grow from each seed. Right away they think they know them all but surprise, surprise! Many don't know their seeds. We have fun with this activity. 

This board turned out so cute. The kids painted their handprint four times to make the flowers. It was messy but cute!
Thanks for stopping by. Now I'm back to writing 3 papers this weekend along with report cards. Enjoy!!

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Delighted said...

The hand print flowers are adorable!

Good luck on write your papers! I put off doing my report cards...and now my spring break is over I can't put them off my longer... :-(

First Grade Delight