Monday, April 30, 2012

I am Still Alive!

 This is what we have been doing. We hatched a dozen eggs. The kids are soooo excited and I am more than ready to send them to the farm.They hatched last Tuesday so a week with them is more than enough. Don't get me wrong, They are so cute but I can't handle the smell at this point. The farmer is going to pick them up in the morning. The kids are bummed but they understand that the chickens can't live in a fish tank . We love doing this project every year. It's so easy. So, if you ever get the chance give it a try.

I found this cute project on Pinterest and I'm sorry but I can't remember where. Among all this excitement in our class I have been working like a crazy woman on writing reading case studies for our master's class. After turning in the project I don't ever want to see another case study. This is just crazy. Class ends this week, just on time to start the next one that goes through the end of June.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll have more to post soon.
Happy May Everyone!!

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Delighted said...

I'm afraid that the smell would get to me too!

The bulletin board is cute.

Best of luck on your classes!

First Grade Delight