Saturday, October 20, 2012

Awesome Adjectives And It's Almost Over!

Okay, I haven't been on my blog or anyone else's blogs for quite some time now. I do have a good excuse, I am nearing the end of grad school and this coming week I start my LAST class (can you tell I'm anxious to be done?) Teaching full time, going to school, and dealing with a senior who needs to complete college applications all at the same time is, needless to say, exhausting!  Graduation from grad school is on December 15th at 3:00, but who's keeping track?! I truly feel like I haven't been doing all the fun activities in my own class this school year that I've always done. Come January, look out first graders, we'll be so busy doing awesome lessons and projects.  I wanted to post these pictures of the adjective unit we did. The firsties really liked doing this one and I think they got the hang of adjectives. As soon as I have a few free minutes I'll post more. So, thanks for stopping by.

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