Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Awesome Bulletin Board for 911

Okay, as I was walking down the hallway in our upper grade wing I saw this wonderful bulletin board outside the sixth grade room. Each student wrote what it means to them to be an American. There comments were incredible. I just wanted to share this idea with all you awesome teachers out there in blog world.

Tomorrow night is our back to school night. After 25 years of teaching I still get nervous. My room is just about ready to go. I fournd some really cute projects to do for this night and have on display. However, I can't take the pictures because they all have the kiddies pictures on them and (like so many of you) I can't post their pictures on the web. Bummed!! My favorite project we made was the clothes pin magnet with their picture on it and a poem for displaying their work at home. Too cute! It's pinned on my Pinterest if you are interested. We also made fancy picture frames for a bulletin board and of course, their pictures are on them. As soon as I get some projects completed without pics I'll post them.

We are also back to grad school. I can finally see the end of the tunnel here. Graduation is December 15th, woo hoo!! It will be so nice to only worry about first grade and not writing papers or case studies. I'm so ready for this to be over, however, I am soooo glad I did it.

That's all that's going on around here. Hopefully I will have some more pics soon and thanks for stopping by.

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