Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thank You Cards

Okay, so I started out as a scrapbooker and then moved on to card making (that is, until I discovered teacher blogs). I haven't made cards in so long. Therefore, I decided to make thank you cards for my kiddies. You see, I always get a ton of wonderful gifts throughout the school year and the last day of school is no exception. Teaching in a catholic school does have its perks. These are the thank you cards I made for the kids. They turned out so cute, if you ask me. Today they were signed, sealed and delivered. Another item off my to do list.
I hope everyone is staying cool out there. Here in Chicago it is 101 degrees with a heat index of 112. I'm sure that may be normal for all the folks in Texas and other parts of the U.S. but in Chicago that is very hot. We are melting here. Anyway, stay cool and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bargain of the Day!

Well, I know school just got out but I am always on the hunt for cool, bargains for the kiddies. I found these clipboards at the store Deals. They were only $1 so I had to grab a bunch. I do have a set of clipboards in the room for when the kids are at centers or are reading the room but of course I don't have enough for everyone. These are so cute I couldn't pass them up. So if you have a Deals any where near by you might want to grab some now before they are gone.

If anyone sees any great deals out there please be sure to pass the info on. I'm sure all the wonderful teachers would appreciate it. Now off to my last grad class tonight and maybe even a few drinks afterwards.  Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer is FINALLY Here!

I feel like it has been years since I've been on my blog and all othe wonderful blogs. I just finished my last HUGE project for grad school and I'm not even going to look in my grad school bag until August 27th. Woo Hoo!! We had a ton of things going on the last month of school. I was sad to see my kiddies go but look forward to a new "batch" coming in. I do have ten of them over the summer for a first grade bookclub. I have 10 of my top readers and we meet at the library once a week for an hour. We are reading The Chalk Box Kid and Choloate Fever. They love it (and so do the parents).  Anyway, on to more blogging. These are just a few of the awesome bulletin boards my daughter made for 3 of our classrooms.  Gotta love the cricut machine. Thanks for stopping by.