Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer is FINALLY Here!

I feel like it has been years since I've been on my blog and all othe wonderful blogs. I just finished my last HUGE project for grad school and I'm not even going to look in my grad school bag until August 27th. Woo Hoo!! We had a ton of things going on the last month of school. I was sad to see my kiddies go but look forward to a new "batch" coming in. I do have ten of them over the summer for a first grade bookclub. I have 10 of my top readers and we meet at the library once a week for an hour. We are reading The Chalk Box Kid and Choloate Fever. They love it (and so do the parents).  Anyway, on to more blogging. These are just a few of the awesome bulletin boards my daughter made for 3 of our classrooms.  Gotta love the cricut machine. Thanks for stopping by.

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