Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bulletin Board Overload

We have such cute bulletin boards outside the primary grades that I wanted to share them with you. This first one is outside my own classroom (I ran out of black border).

 This cute one is outside a second grade class (sorry about the yellow tint of the pic).

This one is also outside of another second grade class. The kids wrote some things they learned in second grade on the numbers.

This one is outside the kindergarten classroom. My firsties got a kick out of it.

This one is in the main hall. We were looking for a summer board that is going to stay until we return in August. I saw several versions of it on Pinterest.

This one is outside another first grade class. This is the hardest board to decorate because of the fire alarms. This teacher cut out the cutest bees from our Cricut machine and added them to the boards. It's really much cuter in person.

Trying to fill every minute of the day at this point in the year can be challenging. I came across this cute writing activity and had to do it. The firsties wrote about what they are planning on doing over the summer. Some of their answers are a riot. They have some pretty big ideas, if only their parents had the same plans.

Now tomorrow is our field day. The kids are so excited. This is the day (I'm sure you can relate) they live for all school year. We've had some pretty wild weather this week so we are praying for no rain. These activities just aren't the same indoors. 
By the way, I have to mention how bizarre yesterday was at school. As we arrived in the morning the principal just received notice from the village hall that there was a watermain break and they were turning off our water. So instead of cancelling school a porta-potty was brought in and the kids stayed. We couldn't believe it. So my kids managed to hold it until 2:00 when the water was turned back on. There was no way I was walking my class over to a porta-potty and they didn't want to use it either. Strangest day in my 25 years of teaching and I pray it will never happen again. (I'm sure you are wondering why school wasn't cancelled, so am I.)  Seven days left, but who's counting!

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