Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas W/Firsties is Exhausting!!

Other than looking at Pinterest I am running out of clever ideas for Ralph, our elf. Today our elf was caught taking a bubble bath and playing with the bears, his rubber duckie was MIA. Since it has been so crazy these days with our little lovelies Ralph is now sitting in our prayer corner saying a rosary. Maybe this will calm them down a little (not!).
One of the reasons it was a little crazy around first grade today was that it was Polar Express day at our school. Everyone was in their jammies and we switched classes throughout the day to do different activities in each room. It was a ton of fun but exhausting. Here are our trains we made, from Stacy at Funky Fresh Firstie, after trying to make trains with the pattern blocks. We also played hot potato with a bell and we played Conductor Says ( just like Simon Says).

Today was also the last day for our after school classes we have. Myself and another wonderful teacher at my school did a Christmas class where we made ornaments, decorated stockings, frosted Christmas cookies, and dipped pretzels in chocolate. This was even more exhausting than Polar Express day. We had an awesome group of first through fifth graders in this class and it was a ton of fun. Now, hopefully three quiet days around the building.  Wait, Thursday the teachers are wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters and the student council will vote on the ugliest. That should be a hoot. AND the kids don't even know we are doing this until we all show up on Thursday.
Now, on to clean jammies and a comfy bed.
Before I sign off for the night does anyone know of a sight that blurs out faces on the net? I really would like to post more pics but I just can't post pics of my kids. I thought the blurring would work out and I know the sight piknik is no longer. Any other suggestions?

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