Friday, March 28, 2014

SPRING Has Finally Sprung!!

YIPPEE! Spring is here! However, it doesn't quite feel like it. We are still having some pretty cold weather but at least it's not that 4 letter word - snow.  Here is our first of many spring projects. It worked out perfect. I had a really cute kite for them to make when this kite just came to me as we were learning about drawing and measuring line segments. The kiddies really loved using the ruler and measuring items throughout the room when it dawned on me that they should draw their line segments on the kites and then fill them in, They turned out really cute and were much easier to do than what I had planned.
I found these awesome eggs on Pinterest one night and then when I went back to them I just can't seem to find where I saw them at. Sorry!! This was one of the easiest Easter eggs we've made. All the kiddies did was use blue painters tape to mark the lines, color it in with sidewalk chalk dipped in water, and let it dry. Once dried I pulled off the painters tape and this is what they turn out to be. So cute and colorful!! I have a bunch of them hanging in the hallway and have had so many compliments on them. If you are looking for an easy egg to make this is it.

So, here are two more projects we completed this week. Since we are a catholic school we can make these crosses. I gave each of my students a cross pattern and had them color the edges of their cross with oil pastel crayons ( $4.99 for a pack of 24 at Michaels). They then placed the crosses on another sheet of white paper and rubbed the crayons off the cross onto the new sheet. It was very simple to do and they turned out awesome.
Now on to our plant unit and a ton of fun planting.

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