Monday, April 14, 2014

Plants, Anchor Charts, and a Selfie!!

So we've been crazy busy with our planting unit. Here are just two of the activities we did last week. I saw this sure fire way of growing plants in a baggie without soil. Every year we do this activity and every year they don't seem to do well and we end  up with mold in the bags and no plants. Well, this year was successful. I found this little trick on KFundamentals blog and it really did work. We were amazed how easy it was and my firsties LOVED it!! Today they took their bags home to replant the seeds. 

We also worked on the life cycle of a seed. After reading several books and making a class anchor chart my firsties made their own plant life cycles. They did a great job and I really believe they understood it. We planted three kinds of seeds and estimated which ones would sprout the soonest. They loved this idea (from Cara Carroll at first grade parade) and that was the first thing they all checked every morning after they arrived. This is our last week (Thank God) before a much needed spring break so we are finishing up the plant unit and getting ready for our baby chicks. If you think the firsties loved the plant unit they are out of their skin waiting for the eggs to get here and the baby chicks to arrive. If you have never done this unit you really should try it. It has been a favorite of all my classes and to be honest with you, mine too. My firsties just love watching them hatch, we barely get any work done during hatching days.
Here are a few anchor charts our amazing kindergarten teacher created with her kiddies. I just love them I had to blog about them. She said that many of her anchor charts are actual projects she sees on Pinterest and instead of making the project she turns it into a chart. Love it!!

One last pic. It was family weekend last weekend at my son and daughter's college so we went down for the day. It was a beautiful day, in the high 70's and nothing but sun. I was soaking it all up since we had such a brutal winter. By the way, after having a week of 60 degree days now it is snowing again!! Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!!!

Like I said, this is our last week before spring break and it couldn't come soon enough. I feel like we are the last school to have our break. The only good thing about a late break is that when we come back there will only be five and a half weeks left of school (but I'm not counting). So, have a great week and a wonderful Easter!!

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