Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wishin' I Was In Vegas!!

So, I'm sitting around the house tonight really wishin' I was in Vegas along with all the other awesome teachers and bloggers when I decided to clean out my lesson plan binder. I'm not sure about any of you but my school bag was still sitting right where I left it the last day I left for the summer vacation. I knew I had to empty it but kept putting it off until tonight. As I was cleaning it out I came across this paper that I took away from one of my little darlings. I take it he was really mad at Cheyenne. Don't you just love the picture with the fangs and red tongue not to mention the spelling of meany. This note is one of the reasons I stay down in the lower grades and don't teacher the older kids. If this is how they show their anger I'll take it. I think this is a keeper for my folder of special notes the kids write me for my collection. I love it!
Summer is going super fast. Before you know it we will all be posting pics of our classrooms and planning what to do on the first week of school. I'm anxious to see everyone's awesome rooms this year. It's always one of my favorite things to see on the blogs. My wheels are tuning already for the new year, especially since I will only have 16 firsties compared to 23 from this past year. Woo Hoo!! Now, on to more Pinterest and more ideas for the new year.

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