Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Insects, Bugs, and Bucket Lists

These shoes are just so adorable. My firsties wrote about what they hope to do this summer. I found this project from The Bubbly Blonde blog. 4 more days left but whose counting?  Me, me, me!!!

Since we are finished with all our science and social studies I decided to do a short unit on insects and bugs (tis the season after all). My firsties are lovin' it. Together we made an anchor chart about what insects can, have, and are. We also made a huge list of insects they know of. It was amazing what kind of bugs they can name. Some of them I'm not even too sure they really exist. After that we did some directed drawings from Kacey over at Doodlebug Teaching.  I have never done a unit on insects before and after seeing how much my kiddies know and want to know about them I may have to squeeze this unit in next year.

Non school related
My brother has the most adorable, pleasant, easy going labradoodle. Two weeks ago they noticed how he was bumping into everything. So they took him in for a check up and found out he is full of cancer. It is sooooo heartbreaking. Canyon isn't even ten years old. Everyone just loves him.
So my brother and his family decided to fill Canyon's bucket list before they have to say goodbye ( who knew dogs have bucket lists)! Well, one of the items on his bucket list was to take a ride in the firetruck.  That was an easy thing to do since my brother is a fireman. Here is Canyon getting his ride. We laughed so hard upon seeing the pictures.

Now they are going to have a birthday party this coming weekend for Canyon and anyone can come and bring their dogs. They will have the yard fenced off and a piñata filled with dog treats. What a hoot!!  Item number 2 on his bucket list.
They took Canyon to Petsmart and let him roam the store and sniff all the dog toys. They bought him his favorite toys that he pulled off the shelf. Item number 3 on his bucket list.
They are feeding Canyon anything he wants to eat (he always had such bad allergies he was on a strict diet and now prednisone takes care of that) including a huge steak. Item number 4 on his bucket list.
It's going to be one sad day around here when everyone has to say goodbye to him. He is an awesome dog and great friend to many!!

Here is the latest selfie my daughter and I took last weekend. Thanks for stopping by.


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