Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spiders Galore!!

It was a hard decision, Spiders or Bats!  Last year we learned all about bats so this year I did spiders. There are so many unbelievable spider activities out there on TPT, blogs, and Pinterest that is was so hard to pick which ones to do. Since I only had one week to do spiders I couldn't go hog wild with this unit. I found these cute spiders from Amy Lemons in her EEKKK!!! Spiders! unit. It came with some really awesome spider info for the kids. We made our Spider Can, Have, and Are chart and then my firsties wrote 3 facts they know or learned about spiders. We also went ahead and diagramed a spider and read some really cool books about spiders. My firsties really enjoyed this unit. Next year it will be a hard decision again. Kids always like learning about bats but spiders are just as creepy to learn about.
Now on to the big day, HALLOWEEN!! How do you celebrate the holiday with your class? We start the day with an all school parade around the block, proceed into the gym to parade around some more and then back to our rooms to have some Halloween fun. This year it just so happened that we have early dismissal and an inservice the rest of the day. I'm not looking forward to the inservice but the 12:00 dismissal is a blessing. Anyway, have a great Halloween day with your kiddies and on to turkeys.

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