Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Heat is On!!

Of course, the heat is back, just in time for school. Mind you, we DON'T have air conditioning. Today was our first day with the kids and by 9:30 they were asking when do we go home. It is in the low 90's right now with a heat index of 97 degrees. My class was 88 when I left (thank goodness it was only a half day). Here are few of my favorite questions I always get on the first day of first grade. I'm sure you, too, were asked these, When is recess?, When is play time? Do we have gym today? Do we have homework ? Can I sit with my friend at lunch? And my favorite question I get every year, When do we graduate?  They just don't get it on the first  day or so.  That's why I teach first grade, I love it!  So, on to do some back up plans for the rest of the week incase the heat continues. Hope everyone out there is have a great week of school!

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