Friday, August 19, 2011

Poppin' Into First Grade

Okay, here is the bulletin board I have up outside my classroom. You see, all the kids in my previous classes know I LOVE popcorn (more than ice cream) so I just had to do this board. Makes me want some all the time.

As I was blogging I came across many teachers who made these cute little seats for their kiddos. So I had to make some. I used the file folder size crates instead of the regular size crates. I really love how they turned out. And, so do the other teachers in my building and now we'll be making more this weekend for the other teachers.
Our kids start on the 24th so I have just a few more days left to set up and plan. I'll get pictures up this weekend of the room. I've seen some really awesome rooms out there. I feel like I have "idea" overload".
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