Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red Eyed Tree Frogs

These are the cutest little red eyed tree frogs. We have been doing a small unit on the rainforest because our reading unit is on animal habitats. I came across this awesome project on Pinterest and couldn't resist it. Anyway, was there something in the air today and lately? My class has been sooo talkative it's hard to deal with. I even made the Nois-o-Meter and Brownie Points. They don't seem too interested in the brownie points, which I was suprised. You see, for my behavior management system I have a Happy Gram Chart. Each child has a clip on it. When they misbehave I tell them to move their clip to the not so happy face and then if it continues they move it to the sad face. Every day I give them a Happy, Not so happy or a Sad gram at the end of the day to take home for their parents to see. I really don't like to have to move clips and I feel I have a ton of patients. But these days I'm losing it. That's when the Brownie Points came into the room. However, since they really aren't phased by that I guess I will have to start moving more clips down and that means no recess. I'm really hoping just a day or two of sitting in will nip it in the bud. Keep your fingers crossed. Any other suggestions are always welcomed. Thanks for stopping by!

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