Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Color Run

Before the run. Look how white we all were.

After the run (walk). We were a fun mess!

Have you heard of the Color Run? Well, it's the newest 5K run out there. We just did it in Ypsilinti, Michigan last weekend . It was on the campus of Eastern Michigan near Ann Arbor. Anyway, it's a 5K run with the proceeds going to the local food pantries and homeless shelters. The proceeds go to different causes in each city. Chicago had one in June and the proceeds went to the new Laurie Children's Hospital. So the money is put to good use. This is how it works. Everyone (15,000 people) starts off in their cleanest white clothes. As you run along the volunteers spray you with a colorful powder at certain points. Sounds silly but it was a blast. By the time you are fininshed you looked like a rainbow of colors. Some of us got colored more than others. The goal was to get as colorful as you can. The powder washes right off and can't hurt in any way. It really was a great day. If you are interested in it they do these runs all over the country but you need to sign up on line immediately because they fill up within minutes of open registration. That is why we did it in Michigan. We missed the Chicago sign up.

We did the walk with some of my nephews and nieces and my daughter and her friends as well as my brother and his wife. I you look closely in the last picture you can see the powder clouds in the background .We are looking forward to doing this again next year.

Now off to do some much needed school work. I haven't touched anything for school this summer and I know it's coming fast. Today I am determined to recover my little seats I made from milkcrates for last school year. I'm don't know about you but mine got really dirty throughout the year. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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