Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's Heeerrre!!

School that is. This is my last official week off of school. However, most of us will be in this week to put the rooms back in order. The kiddies come on the 22nd but we start with a week of meetings on the 15th. I'm anxious to start but am really worried about the heat. We DON'T have air conditioning and as many of you may know we have had a summer of high 90's. I don't do heat well when it's been several days in a row.
So, pray for some cooler weather for the windy city! Other than that I have been working on projects from all the awesome blogs and Pinterest. As soon as I get the room together I will post pics. I love checking out other teachers classrooms for great ideas. Now on to more creating and blog hopping!!

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