Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

Just like many of you wonderful teachers out there, I am a huge scrapbooker. I have a wonderful group of friends who do our darndest to scrap once a month together. We even have been known to go away for long weekends scrapbooking. My sides always hurt from laughing when the weekend is over. Anyway, have you ever heard the saying, "If it's not in the books it didn't happen"?  That is so true for us. This top picture was taken because we found the funniest Red Solo Cup scrapbook paper and we had to have it. For that reason we just had to take the picture. You scrappers out there know what I'm talking about.
Here are some of my favorite Americans. My son is the one on crutches (torn ACL). The other guys in the picture are all my nephews (a good lookin' bunch, huh) and my neice in law ( if that's how you say it).

Another neice and cutie!!

More neices enjoying the parade!

My daughter (the hippie) and her girlfriend (the flapper).

Waiting for the firework show to begin. We are extremely lucky because our town does their firework show directly across the street from our house. Therefore, we have a huge crowd of friends and family who come every year for some great eats and treats and a great firework show.
Sorry I don't have any school related stuff to post. However, I have been making tons of new center games, decorations, and what not from teacher blogs or TPT since getting out of school. A teacher's job is never done!!
Enjoy the 4th!!

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