Thursday, July 11, 2013

School Shopping (already)

I know, you are probably looking at these pics and thinking, this isn't very much, right? Well this is only a sampling of each item. I got these awesome clipboards at Target's dollar spot and when I was paying for them they rang up for 30 cents each (they were on clearance). Do you believe it? So of course I had to go back for all of them. I ended up with 15. My kiddies love using them during centers. Well worth the 30 cents!

 These stickers were also in the dollar bin at Target (but not on sale). Gotta love'm!

Dollar bin again. Sorry, I just noticed they are upside down. These erasers are perfect for the mini white boards we use. The kiddies love using them. I had some last year and they used them also to erase the daily calendar activities (we use Saxon Math).
Once again, this is just a sampling of supplies.  Walmart and Target both have the crayons for 50 cents each so once again, time to stock up. I bought 50 packs of crayons and 26 pencil boxes. I give my kiddies the box with crayons in it the first day of school to use for math. With our Saxon math there is alot of coloring and they get a jillion ( a Junie B. word) flashcards. I usually use the boxes for 3years and now was the time to replenish with new ones. They were only $1 and are perfect for our math.

Now on to the Dollar Tree. The little blue and yellow cones are so cute. They each say "awesome" or "wonderful" or other words of praises. I thought they would be great to put on a student's desk who is behaving good and following directions. I've been warned I may need some extra incentives this year. The rubber dice are perfect for our spelling. Once a week my kiddies write their spelling words in rainbow colors and this a great way to make it fun. They roll a die and each number will determine what color to write their words. It's all on a spelling chart. The last group of kiddies loved to do it this way so I'm hoping this new group will too. The alligator clips will be used somehow for greater and less than math. I'm not sure how yet but my wheels are turning. Any suggestions?

Here are some great books I just had to have. I have seen some awesome activities using these books so when I came across them at the local book store I snatched them up.

This is just one cute sign I was busy making this summer It came from Aimee over at Primarily Speaking. I'm going to decorate my room this year in the zebra print and these colors. Over the summer we had some wonderful moms and dads come in and paint our rooms in bright blues and yellows. The rooms look great so far. I'm not too sure about the chalkboard closet door, though. We did away with chalkboards about ten years ago because of allergies and I really don't want to bring chalk back into the room. If anyone has any suggestions on what else we can use on it that would be great.
That's it for now. I'll be posting more in the next several days with all the goodies I either made or bought. Thanks for stopping by!!

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