Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chicks and End of the Year Boards

 So, our chicks have arrived!! After 21 days of turning the eggs three times a day and keeping a close eye on the temps our little babies have hatched. Out of a dozen eggs we hatched nine cute, fluffy chicks. We were so surprised to get black chicks this year. We were expecting the traditional yellow and a few brown chicks. Certainly not black ones. They are adorable. Each one has their own yellow spots and markings so my firsties can tell them apart. Sooo cool!! The other first grade class in my school has seven, mostly black chicks. If these days haven't been loud and crazy enough the chicks just add more excitement to first grade. As you can probably figure out, there isn't much learning going on these days. Tomorrow the chicks will be going on a fieldtrip to hang out with the kindergarten kids for a while. Maybe then we can squeeze in a little teaching.


We did get a chance to complete this project about all our first grade favorites. Each year I usually have my firsties make one of those booklets of all their favorite things about first grade and it takes so long to get each page done. This year I just loved this project when I saw it and I thought it would be much easier  and less time consuming. Don't get me wrong, I do love all the other booklets the kids make and I know the parents love them too, but this is not the group to do that with. It would take forever to get many of them to finish the pages. Each group of kids brings it's own set of rewards and challenges and this group likes to take their time completing their work OR they rush through so fast it is quite sloppy. Therefore, I thought these little people would be perfect and they were. Thanks to Lyndsey Kuster over at A Year of Many Firsts for this adorable project. 

I found this cute board on Pinterest. It's perfect for our summer board. This is the first thing our parishioners see as they enter our building to attend mass. The tree does look much bigger in person.
So needless to say, it's done and now let's move on to summer.


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