Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Spa Treatment!!

So we've been busy with our eggs and Mother's Day projects. I just LOVE this awesome Mother's Day project from Dragonflies in 1st. She had a giveaway and I was the lucky one to win it. I think I can truly say this is one of my most favorite gifts we have made for our moms over the years. The unit includes coupons for moms, grandmas and aunts. So versatile. My students wrote all kinds of special things about their moms under the top sheet. Love it!!

We've also been busy getting ready for our eggs to hatch. We are expecting them to hatch on Monday and my firsties are unbelievably excited about the big day. Monday we are going on a farm fieldtrip, which is a ton of fun and the easiest trip with first graders. These windsocks have the chicken life cycle on it and I found it from Robin Sellers on TPT. Too cute!  The chickens came from Christie at First Grade Fever. They are a riot and we have had a ton of compliments on them.

We have 19 days left before summer break (but who's counting)  and I don't know about you but my kiddies are more than ready to go. All I can say I thank goodness for outdoor recess these days. Have a great rest of the week!!

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