Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Turkeys in First Grade!

So, what a day today was! I was completely exhausted when the kids went home. We had our pilgrim and indian feast with the kindergarten. We usually entertain the kindergarteners and they feed us. However, our school has had to put a stop to food brought into the building that isn't ok'd by parents first (we have two children who are deathly allergic to certain foods). Anyway, our firsties sang songs and read poems to them while the kinders sang to us. They also had their own snacks from their lunches. They had a blast. We then went on to sing to the preschoolers too. In the afternoon my daughter came to visit and she had this cute turkey project for them to do. We also somehow squeezed math, religion and a reading test in. I don't know how we managed that. Now, tomorrow the kiddies have a half day and parent conferences will be the rest of the day and night. Oh my! I will be glad to see Wednesday come. Now on to all the wonderful holiday activities. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful turkey day, gobble, gobble!

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