Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Grade is for the Birds!

Ok, I don't think my kids want to make another turkey! I saw several great turkey ideas on the blogs and just had to make them. I have been making the same old turkey every year for the past many years and I wasn't about to make it one more time. When I came across these they were perfect. First we made the turkeys along with our counting by 10's math lesson. Then we used the pattern pieces to make another turkey. Finally, we made turkeys with our phonics. I will say the pattern piece turkey was fairly difficult for some of them, they just didn't get it. Either way, they turned out cute. Life has been so hectic around her. You see, our school is getting evaluated by the Archdioces this February so we have a ton of work to do for that. I am taking classes toward my masters in reading and have a ton of reading tests to give and evaluate this week, all on top of the regular school work. AND the most important thing this week  is that my girlfriends and I are going away for a scrapbook weekend. So, that explains the craziness. I'm sure it's no different than your life. Anyway, have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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