Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to School Board and A Lonely Rose!

Here is another back to school board in our hallway at school. We have this huge board at the end of our hallway and it was my turn to put something up. I saw this puzzle idea and thought it was perfect. I made the pennants from my cricut machine. The puzzle pieces have the names of the students in
k-2. It really doesn't look like a lot of kids but we really do about 140 students in our k-2nd grade.

This is the one and only rose my rosebush produced all summer. I have no idea why it does this every summer. One rose and then it's done. Kind of like the saguaro cactus, one flower a year and that's it. At least the color is beautiful!!
It's been a great week. My firsties are soooo cute!  My favorite comment this week was... I asked one little boy if he got new glasses this year and he said, "No, these are my handsome glasses. When I spike my hair up I wear these glasses and I look handsome!" That just made my day. What a cutie!!
Besides having wonderful firsties this year, the heat has been on. Middle 90's and high humidity. Yuck!! And next week is supposed to be worse.  I sure wish I could buy my own air conditioner and install it but we've all been told no so that means more hot sticky school days ahead of us.
Enjoy your weekend!!

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