Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School Bulletin Boards

Here are two of the projects we have done so far this school year. We are getting ready for meet the teacher night next week. The heat is still on and the humidity is aweful. Every morning I walk into something that has fallen off the walls due to the humidity. We are still praying for cooler weather.

 After talking and making an anchor chart of what a reader does, reads, and looks like my firsties drew pictures of themselves as readers. If you look closely they are hysterical.

We read the book What I Did on My Summer Vacation and my firsties drew their favorite things they did during the summer. I was really pleased how they did a great job considering it was the first day of school. I'm not sure about you but I thought the enonomy was still not so great. You wouldn't believe the amount of kids who went on some really big trips ( Disney World and cruises). I guess my four day trip to Vegas doesn't even compare.

By the way, I want to thank all the awesome teachers out their who posted about their clip chart behavior system. I have been doing it for the first time in my many (many) years of teaching and it works GREAT!!!  The kids LOVE it. They are all trying to get their clip on pink so they can bling out their clip. I even have noticed the students who move their clips below the green really do shape up afterwards and are thrilled when their clips get moved back up. Many of the firsties run out after school all excited to tell their parents what color they ended up on. Even many parents have commented on it. Whoever came up with this system is genius. THANKS again!!
Now back to the oven tomorrow and no school (already) on Friday. Have a great weekend!!

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