Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snow Much Fun and Bucket Fillers

I just love these snowmen from First Grade Blue Skies. They are adorable. This is one of my favorite boards we've made.

I just started our bucket fillers this week. I've started them before in September but found that my firsties understand what it is all about but have a hard time filling in the little sheets. So this year I thought I would wait until now and it sure makes a difference. After reading the books and writing about how they can fill a bucket my little guys truly get it. Some of their notes they wrote were so cute. Especially the one that said "I like your pants," our kids wear uniforms and everyone is in the same clothes. Too funny!

This chart really helped get the idea across and now they point out if someone is doing something on the bucket dipper list. Now, on to plans for the week.

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