Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weather Unit and the Deep Freeze Again!!

This coming Sunday will be Open House at my school so we have been really busy completing projects and getting everything hung up.  Here is a little bit of our weather unit projects. Besides the baggie books about the different types of weather my firsties made we also did this cloud anchor chart (thanks for the idea, Cara Carroll). We went on to make these cloud and water cycle booklets. The kiddies put the clouds on the outside and their descriptions on the inside as well as the water cycle on the inside. We were going to go outside and check out the clouds with our cloud windows but with our temps right around 0 degrees that was out of the question. If it ever warms up a little around here we will head out to observe the clouds. The water cycle sheet came from Kristen Smith's weather unit on TPT. She had a ton of awesome weather ideas in her packet.

We are back in the deep freeze here in Chitown. When will it ever end around here?? Next week is predicted to be even colder.  Oh no!!
I'll  have more pics to post after tomorrow and last minute cleaning of our room. Be sure to stop by to check out our little corner of the world.

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