Sunday, February 6, 2011

100th Day Celebration

Well, we finally had our 100th day celebration even though it wasn't the 100th day. Because we had 2 snow days it was really the 98th day but the kids never questioned us and we went along with it. The best part of our celebration is when the kids come to school dressed like they are 100 years old. They are a riot! The canes, gray hair, the old dresses and lipstick (all over their faces) are just a hoot! We start the day with a parade around the whole school so show off our old people. The other classes look forward to seeing us.Then we did centers with all 100 activities. Their favorite was what can they build with 100 cups. We also  had what they can do with 100 legos, blocks, pattern blocks, and linking cubes. The kids drew pictures of what they will look like in 100 years and wrote about what they would buy with $100. The kids also brought in their 100 collections. They had some pretty clever items. To show them off they had to sort the items out in groups of tens, then twenties and then in twenty fives. We had a great day. This day also coincided with student appreciation day. So they were all treated to build your own ice cream sundaes and all school bingo. Needless to say we didn't get any work done and I am sooo glad the day is over even though it was so much fun. Now, on to presidents day, Valentine's day and dental health month. How are we going to ever get it all in at once?! By the way, we like to do graphs in our room. I try to do at least one a week. Since we've had so much snow lately I decided to do a graph about who wore mittens or gloves. Who would have thunk? They all wore gloves. Oh well! That's all for now. On to the big game (and lesson plans)of course. Thanks for stopping by.

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