Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Abe Lincoln and Valentines

So we read and talked about Abraham Lincoln today. The kids couldn't grasp the idea of slaves. They thought butlers and cleaning ladies were slaves. Once we got past that point then they were facinated with
that fact that Lincoln was assassinated. Go figure! I finally got them passed that point with talking and showing them Lincoln's tall hat. Phew!! We wrote about what we would keep in our hats and I just loved their answers, especially the one who would keep his money and puppies in it. Great combo, huh! Another girl would keep her red rubies in it (even though she doesn't have any). Their answers were a riot. Here are a few pictures of their hats.

We also made our Valentine vases. Once I showed them how to make hearts they were on their own and some of them went crazy making the hearts while others had a hard time. Either way the vases turned out cute.Thanks for stopping by.

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