Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Statue of Liberty and Big Foot!

Okay, I fell in love with the American unit from Mrs. Jumps blog. So I purchased it and away we went. The kids always get excited about the presidents but when I told them we would be making a model of the statue of liberty's foot they couldn't wait. So I pretty much let them all help (all 21 of them). We lined up in the hallway and they helped hold the paper still while we rolled it out and measured it then cut it. Once I drew the toenails they were able to visualize it much better. The kids were calling it Big Foot. It took quite a few hands to help us hang it up. After it was hung then we did the step by step directions on how to draw it. I love how they came out. Some of the were much more volumptious than others. What a riot. Since it's been up in the hallway we have received a ton of compliments. The kids really enjoyed the project. Now, today we learned about the Liberty Bell. I found a great video on United Streaming (for those of you who have access to this site). They also made the bell  and tomorrow will be the American Eagle. I think I am enjoying this unit just as much as the children. So if you haven't seen the unit you might want to head over to Mrs. Jumps blog. Like I've already said, I am so greatful for all the wonderful teachers who share their ideas.
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