Saturday, February 19, 2011

Famous Presidents (aren't they all)

Every year around this time we have our first graders do a "research" project on a president. They get all excited about it and do a wonderful job with it. We send home two sheets for them to fill out. The front side they have to pick a president, write his name, what number president he was, what years he served in office and draw or paste a picture of him. On the back side they have to write four interesting facts about their president and draw pictures. We then glue the papers to the front and back of a cereal box. Each child reads all the facts and we guess who it is. They love this part. After reading the facts we make a time line with their reports. This is one of my favorite projects for our kids. They do a wonderful job and they are exposed to other presidents other than Washington, Lincoln, and Obama. This project is done at home with the help of their family and they find the information on the website I also give them two weeks to bring them in. Here are a few pictures of our "research" projects.  Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

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