Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Book

How do you celebrate birthdays in your classroom? Here's our birthday book that the kids take home on their special day. Inside is a sheet for them to fill out. It says their name and birthday and they can draw a picture of what they did on their day and write about it. The kids really love to take it home and just as well they love to see and hear everyone else's story. I also have a number graph, a large number 6 and 7. Their pictures are on the 6 and when it's their birthday they get to move their picture over to the 7. This is more exciting than the birthday book. It's usually the first thing they do when they enter the room on their birthdays. We also do the regulars, read a birthday book and pass out their treats, get their birthday certificate and pencil. So, if anyone has any other ideas to share I would love to hear it.


RoSchell said...
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RoSchell said...

Making a birthday book is a cute idea--think I will give it a try next year.RoSchell