Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet our First Graders

Okay, we just finished writing autobiographies and we just had to make self portraits. Their autobiograpies turned out great and their self portraits are a hoot! I have them hanging in the hallway where everyone comes into the building. We have had a ton of compliments. The kids are so proud of their work. I saw this idea on Patton's Patch blog and since we were working on writing autobiographies I thought it would be perfect. Thanks, Colleen, for sharing. That also goes to all the wonderful teachers out there who are kind enough to share their ideas and projects. What a wealth of information, ideas, and projects everyone has and is willing to share. I have worked with some people who just won't share a thing. I always thought teaching was all about stealing and sharing. Oh well! Anything I have I am more than willing to share. So help yourself.
By the way, we are getting all excited about the eggs and chicks. They are supposed to hatch this coming Monday. First grade is the talk of the town in our school. I'll be sure to post pics when we get babies. Now, on to homework for my grad class. Thanks for stopping by.

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